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Heavy Duty Utility Plastic Spools

Coated wire, rope, misc. specialty products, pneumatic hoses, plastic tubing, rubber hose, medical tubing are wound on heavy duty utility spools.

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Light Utility Plastic Spools

Light utility spools are the perfect fit for building wire, rope, twine, yarn, and coated wire.

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Weld Wire Spools

Weld wire spools are typically used for steel and aluminum welding wire, bare copper wire, precious metal wire and fine wire. These spools are also used for Plastic filament, including that used with 3D printers.


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Stock Inventory

We keep a stocked inventory for same day shipping. We pride ourselves in meeting our customer's needs. Choose ABC plastics as your supplier and remove the risk of putting halt on production.



Custom Injection Molding

ABC Plastics offers complete custom molding services. Our experienced staff will assist you from designs to finished parts. 

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